Be proactive with first responder peer support


Statistics show nearly 30% of first responders will develop a behavioral health condition, including but not limited to depression and PTSD, during the course of their career. The program hopes to change those numbers by offering free, confidential mental health support from someone who has been there and gets it.

“We know many law enforcement and fire departments have their own internal support programs; this is ideal for first responders who may not want to speak with someone directly in their department,” said Dr. Christine Cauffield, CEO of LSF Health Systems. “What also makes this program special is that it’s also catered toward family members because they too may need help navigating the mental health effects of the profession.”

All someone has to do is call 211 and identify themselves as a first responder or a family member of a first responder. They will be privately connected with a peer specialist immediately or within 24 hours. First responders can go to for more information.

LSF Health Systems is one of seven behavioral health Managing Entities that manage the state-funded system of behavioral health care for people who face poverty and are without insurance. For more information, visit