You're the hero that hurting kids need

You’re the hero that hurting kids need
When Billy was 6, he suddenly changed from a happy, adventurous child to being clingy and anxious. He feared going into any bathroom, and he started waking at night, screaming about monsters. After months of this, Billy revealed his monster’s name—Uncle Joe. Billy was afraid, but he didn’t tell because he feared his mommy would be killed if he did. Thanks to friends like you, Billy got help through LSF’s Sexual/Physical Abuse Treatment Program—which offers in-depth treatment for abused children ages 3 to 17. Last year, 400 kids got the help they needed to reduce the long-term effects of their abuse and prevent its recurrence. Billy was finally able to explain that the abuse had been going on since his mom started working nights and asked Billy’s uncle to babysit him. After a few months of treatment, Billy could sleep without nightmares and go to the bathroom on his own. He learned to trust the adults in his life again and how to speak up if anyone ever scared him.